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Map of Costa Rica, parks are in green The executive development Tierra Verde is located in the south west region of Costa Rica in the province of Perez Zeledon @ 3500 ft above sea level and only 15 minutes from the town of San Isidro de General.

Travel time from San Jose, 3.5 hrs and from Liberia 5 hrs. The thing to remember about driving in Costa Rica is the fact your average speed will be 50 km/hr or 30 m/hr.

Driving from San Jose is incredible the mountain road is a fantastic drive loaded with views. Driving from Liberia takes longer, you get to see more of the country, and you will pass through a few nice costal towns, where there is an abundance of shops, restaurants, tour companies, real estate companies and much more.

When you reserve a stay as Casa Los Indios, you will receive a rental package which will contain detailed information on how to get to Tierra Verde and Casa Los Indios.

Casa Los Indios might be in the hills away from it all but you can even get pizza delivered if you want, from a local restaurant and it is rather good.

If you use Goggle Earth you can click on the link to see where the exact location is. If you have a Garmin GPS device we can supply tracks for getting to the house, if you don't no worries, we provide specific driving directions in our rental package.

Tierra Verde exit is just south of San Isidro right at the Maxi Bodega entrance (Costa Rica's version of Wal-Mart) so you can not miss the turn off. There are two bridges just leaving town heading south, once you cross the second one and head up the hill a bit there it is, the Maxi Bodega and your exit.

Once you exit off the Pan American Highway you are on the road to Rivas, a small town up in the hills which has all conveniences, including an excellent hardware store.

The drive from the exit is a total of 8 km or 5 miles, takes about 15 minutes, the drive is pleasant and there are a lot of sights to see. There are many convenience stores along the road, including butchers, restaurants, spas, hotels, apartments, mechanic shops, schools, the University, and of course a club or two.

There is one more turn to make before getting to Tierra Verde, 2 km or 1.2 miles before getting to Rivas you have to make a left turn towards the hills and the village of Mirivales.